Residential Services

At Jesse James Roofing Ltd. we offer unbeatable workmanship quality that is backed by a 10 yr workmanship warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We truly believe that the fastest is not always the greatest, we understand that we are working on someones investment, and treat every home like our own.

Flat Roofs - TPO fully adhered (cool roof)

• TPO cool roofing is light in colour most commonly white therefore your roof will absorb less heat by reflecting sunlight

EPDM-rubber fully adhered

• Single ply membrane

Modified BUR-heat applied

• asphalt membrane that is hot and cold applied with a granular surface same as shingles

Shingle roofs

• Architectural and 3 tab shingles

Metal roofs

• Standing seam
• Metal Shingles
• Soffit and Fascia
• Seamless Eavestroughs

We also specialize in historical work, cornice, custom copper work and soldering, coping and flashing, roof penetration covers and caps, shingles, metal roofing, low sloped roofing, that most roofing companies cannot offer.


24ga standing seam roof with inlaid gutter - COLOR : Matte texture blue/grey

24ga standing seam roof with chimney flashing - COLOR: Matte texture sepia brown

Metal shingle roof with snow guards

Soffit,fascia and eavestrough

24ga standing seam roof - COLOR: Matte texture sepia brown

metal shingle roof with snow guards

24ga Standing seam roof over porch - COLOR: Matte texture blue/grey

Custom made Corten panels (weathering steel)